PARTYNEXTDOOR - PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 (P3)I’ve always had mixed feelings about PARTYNEXTDOOR. I know he’s a talented writer as he writes a lot for other artists and he does have some songs that I really mess with. But majority of the time I find him boring and a watered down version of The Weeknd. Despite this he’s still managed a sizeable fan base and the hype machine has been on full blast for him, which has often left me feeling like I’m missing out on something. So when he dropped PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 (P3), I decided to give him another chance, despite my reservations.

“Doesn’t make sense now
Shit just got real, things are getting intense now
I hear you talkin’ ’bout we a lot, oh, you speak French now?
Giving me the signs so I gotta take a hint now”

I’m not going to lie, after my initial listen of P3 I was ready to write it off as more of the same; it just didn’t move me. After giving it a couple more listens however, P3 managed to resonate with me a little more (ever so slightly). I guess the biggest problem I have with PARTYNEXTDOOR is that I don’t like the majority of his production. A lot of times it sounds like it’s trying too hard to be moody and complex, when it only comes off as boring. A problem only exasperated because PARTY likes to let tracks breathe with frequent spaces where there’s nothing but the production. For example on P3, there’s absolutely no reason for “High Hopes” to be over 7 minutes long and “Problems & Selfless” is the definition of trying too hard to be complex. Not all of the production on P3 falls into these traps however, as “Nobody”, “Joy”, “Not Nice”, “Don’t Know How”, and “Come and See Me” are some of my favorite production on P3. They don’t try to over complicate things and sonically sound great.

“Yeah, met you in Texas
I left you in Texas
Read your text message, damn girl you’re reckless
Thanks to you, all I do is think about you
Another hundred racks changed my boo
I bet your hundred racks changes too
Girl you know wouldn’t say nothin’ ’bout you
But you know I heard everything about you”

I’ve never thought PARTYNEXTDOOR was a great singer and P3 doesn’t really change my mind on that. However, he does manage to make up for it on most tracks with some creative writing and pure style. If you’ve listened to any of this new wave of “alternative R&B”, that The Weeknd seemed to bring to the forefront, then you’ll be familiar with most of his subject matter. Whereas R&B is more traditionally about pure love, this new wave revels in the tales infidelity, casual relations, drugs/partying, and messing with the wrong type of women. His ability to write vivid pictures about this material puts him towards the top of this new wave. If only he had the same interesting production as The Weeknd or Bryson Tiller. Songs like “Nobody” shows he has so much promise, it’s just time for him to take some major steps and evolve his sound.

Have you heard PARTYNEXTDOOR 3 (P3)? What’d you think about it? Did you like the production or find it boring? Do you believe the hype with PARTYNEXTDOOR? Let me know in the comments below and leave a rating for P3.

P3 shows that PARTYNEXTDOOR is a great songwriter, but some boring production and subpar vocals often leaves me wanting to hear The Weeknd instead.
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Come and See Me
Not Nice
Only U
Don't Know How
Hard Passes
High Hopes
Problems & Selfless
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