Lil Yachty - Summer Songs 2

Lil Yachty – Summer Songs 2 Reaction

Lil Yachty - Summer Songs 2Here I go again trying to keep an open mind and give these new wave of “rappers” that aren’t really rappers  fair shake. Next up is another ‘Lil’, a rapper (I say that loosely) from somewhere down South named Lil Yachty. These names are absolutely horrible by the way, but I digress. He’s been getting a lot of buzz over the past year which even culminated into making the XXL Freshman list. Trying to continue to ride that wave, he recently dropped the 14 track mixtape Summer Songs 2.

“I’ma do what I got to do
To stay the king of the youth
Tie all my shoes so I’ll never ever fall
Middle finger ’em all, walk the carpet holdin’ my balls”

I’m just gonna come right out and say that the lyrics on Summer Songs 2 are absolutely garbage. Right from the intro he hits you with lines like “Tie all my shoes so I’ll never ever fall”. Kendrick he is not. So if what you’re looking for is lyrics and substance then you can just stop reading this reaction now because you won’t find any of that on Summer Songs 2. At one point he even tries to prove to Ebro over at Hot 97 that he can actually rap on the aptly named “For Hot 97”, but that too misses the mark by a wide margin. But somehow it still ends up being one of the best songs on the mixtape thanks to some catchy ass production.

“You might be down at the moment
But stay there and you’ll be up soon
I know you’re tired of the bus
Stack up and pull off like vroom
Stay consistent and watch all your money moves
And watch how your old friends hate on you”

And that’s the thing with Lil Yachty; I know in my mind I shouldn’t like him or his music at all but he still manages to draw me in on a couple songs. I get why these guys are getting so much traction, especially with the younger generations. They know how to make catchy ass songs that are backed by good production that’ll get played in most nightclubs. Lyrically he’s ass but he knows how to capture a vibe on a song that’ll have most people bopping along whether they want to or not. “So Many People” pretty much sums up the whole Lil Yachty experience.

Have you heard Summer Songs 2? Can you get with the vibes of the mixtape? Or are you looking for some more substance? Let us know in the comments below and leave a rating for the mixtape.

Lil Yachty - Summer Songs 2
Summer Songs 2 Reaction
Summer Songs 2 doesn't bring a lot of substance to the table but it has some catchy songs that will have most people vibing. Just don't go in expecting too much.
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Life Goes On
Yeah Yeah
For Hot 97
So Many People
Hard Passes
Intro (First Day of Summer)
Why (Interlude)
Up Next 3
All In
out of 10
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