Lance Skiiiwalker – Introverted Intuition Reaction

Lance Skiiiwalker - Introverted IntuitionLance Skiiiwalker is something of an unknown commodity. He came out of left field when he was announced as TDE’s latest signee. There wasn’t a whole lot to go off us, outside of a few songs and guest features here and there. One thing that did stand out though, was how different he was, both visually and musically, from what’s out there now. And knowing TDE and the way they allow their artists to experiment and freely express themselves, I knew his debut, Introverted Intuition, could be one of the more abstract projects to drop this year.

“Well, she took the apple, from the tree
To be with me, whoa darlin’
She said, we live forever, this ain’t forbidden fruit”

Well I was right. Introverted Intuition is every bit as abstract as I thought it might be. The production is unconventional to say the least. Neo-soul, alternative R&B, however you want to classify it, it’s an exercise in lo-fi experimentation. It’s full of varying sounds, reverb, distortion, and frequent beat change-ups. When it does shed it’s abstractness and gets to actual compositions, there’s some great stuff to be found. But too often you’ll have to work through minutes of pointless, abstract sounds before getting barely a minutes worth of music to rock with. It’s a frustrating listening experience because the latter half of songs like “Skit Her Song”, “Sound”,  and “Speed” are fantastic and really show what he can be capable of.

“But when I’m clean and sober
All I see is you
And when the party’s over
I’ll start it up with you”

Lance Skiiiwalker is like a mix between Andre 3000 (on The Love Below) and Frank Ocean, in both in his production and his delivery. Not quite singing and not quite rapping, delivering most of his verses in short streams of consciousness. For the most part his voice sounds good on the songs, except for some instances where the extensive distortion can be grating. The theme I picked up on through most of Introverted Intuition is of romance and women but in an abstract manner. Through the whole listening I never really got a sense of who he was an artist or a person, and no amount of mystery of abstractness can substitute for personality. Hopefully he does more to develop that next go around.

Have you heard Introverted Intuition? What’d you think about it? Did you think it was too abstract for it’s own good? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to leave your rating for the album.

Lance Skiiiwalker - Introverted Intuition
Introverted Intuition Reaction
Introverted Intuition is an interesting introduction to TDE's mysterious signee. It has some bright moments that show what he's capable of, but far too often gets bogged down in unnecessary abstractness.
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