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Juicy J - Lit In CeylonSo I guess 40 is the new 20 in hip-hop. Juicy J is 41 years old and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. He has a relentless tour schedule and it seems like every other month he’s releasing some new project to the masses. It’s really inspiring actually. In fact, Juicy J is pure motivation for me, he knows how to get me hyped. Lit In Ceylon is no exception either.

For years now Juicy J has made a living off “turn up” music and there’s no reason for him to change up the formula now. Lit In Ceylon is pure turn up music and while I don’t think it’s his best work it still definitely has some bangers that’ll get play in my car. The majority of the production was handled by TM88 and Tarentino, who’ve been behind a lot of the recent projects coming from Taylor Gang. It’s all the usual 808 heavy, trap music that most people have come to expect from Juicy J. “Mansion”, “ACT”, “Winnin”, and “Green Carpet” all in particular will put most sub woofers through their paces. “Winnin” has to be my favorite song from the mixtape just for the hilarious way they managed to flip the viral “I’m Gucci, you Polo” video. Outside of the typical trap production, “Road to Sri Lanka” is a pretty dope flip of The Weeknd’s “XO/the Host”, and a good way to end the tape.

“We used to ride around in steamers man
Now we pull up back to back in Beamers man
We used to live up in the trap house
Now I got a mansion I can trap out”

Lyrically, Juicy J has never been anything to write home about, and Lit In Ceylon is more of the same flow and lyrical content he’s made a living off of up ’til this point. With the exception of one track where he raps about racial inequality, “Where the Justice At”, he sticks to the same formula about turning up, getting trippy, money, girls, and weed. Normally at least Juicy J manages to squeeze in some hilarious and motivational interludes in between the turn up raps, but sadly most of that is absent from Lit In Ceylon. Which not surprisingly can make the 16 track Lit In Ceylon a long listen, if you’re not in the turn up mood.

“Born black with a target on your back
Where they shoot you over nothing then still wonder why you strapped
Came home from the feds, and he right back in the trap
Who the fuck gon’ hire you? My nigga it’s a wrap
You a felon and you lucky if they even shake your hand
Mane you crazy if you think they giving us a second chance”

Have you listened to Lit In Ceylon? What’d you think about it? Too much of the same as usual? Let us know in the comments below and leave a rating for the mixtape.

Juicy J - Lit In Ceylon
Lit In Ceylon is more of the same from Juicy J. Turn up music, heavy trap beats, and comical lyrics. Although this time it's missing his signature hilarious, motivational interludes, making it a longer listen than usual.
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Where The Justice At
Blue Bentley
Green Carpet
Road To Sri Lanka
Hard Pass
How It Go
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