Drake – Summer Sixteen Pop-Up Shop Reaction

What!? Another pop-up!?

Having gone the first time he did this back in April, I started flashing back to the 3 hour wait in line and wondered if it was even worth it. Then I thought twice and said to myself, ‘Drake did give us free shirts last time, so maybe…’, just maybe he might give out some more free gear.

I found out Drake has 4 shows for his Summer Sixteen tour at the Madison Square Garden this week, so the pop-up would be open all 4 days rather than the 1 day they had before. There is no way they would have a shop open 4 days and not want money right?

I arrive mid-afternoon to a line of about 300 or so Drake fans and counting. From teenagers to middle-agers, drakes eclectic fan base always makes for interesting ‘people watching’.

I know the drill, so I hop in line and start to wait..wait..wait..wait…wait. Drizzy had us all right where he wanted, like ‘Controlla’.

I was one of the last 20 people allowed inside before the shop closed for the day.  After all that wait, at least 100 people got sent home. One guy honestly looked like he was going to cry! Fans might be “Out here looking for Revenge!”

I get home then tell my partner about my day and her reaction was perfect:

“So you just waited in line all day just to walk into a store and buy something? Your so cure babe but that’s ridiculous!”

Apparently she thinks I am crazy for waiting in line hours, just to spend money in a store. Are pop-up shops a good idea? Or is it all just ridiculous? Would you wait in line for hours just to buy merch from your favorite artist? Rate the the Summer Sixteen pop-up experience. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Summer Sixteen Pop-Up Shop Reaction
Drake's Summer Sixteen pop-up shop was great promo and an interesting way to reach out to fans and give out exclusive merchandise. If only they could have done something about the wait times and a lot of people unfortunately got left out.
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