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So it’s been a while since we’ve put in any major work into our community, THE COLLECTIVV. We’ve made security upgrades, fixed small bugs, and updated frameworks, but we haven’t added any major new features or changed/updated how things work since we relaunched everything this summer.

The majority of our attention has been towards content creation and getting this side of things going. Now that things starting to hit their stride, I figured it’s time we shook things up a bit over on THE COLLECTIVV.

Quick facelift

To get back into the groove of programming again, we’re first going to be giving it a quick facelift. Before we took a step back, we already gave it some fairly significant visual changes, but there were some areas that didn’t get as much attention and they need to be updated more in line with the new style. Think some of the forms, emails, icons, etc.

Pinning posts

I’ve also been planning on adding featured (or pinned, however we decide to call them) posts for a while now. Users can create all kinds of events, projects, and listings, and upload a ton of media, and statuses, and eventually it will become a little overwhelming to find a page’s best stuff. So we’re going to add the ability to pin events, projects, listings, and media to the top of their respective sections. Giving you the ability to highlight and bring attention to specific things you want people to easily find or things that best represent you as a whole. We haven’t decided how many, or if, we’re going to limit how many you can pin at a time; most likely there won’t be a limit put in place at first.

If you haven’t seen THE COLLECTIVV and want to get an idea about what we’re talking about, you can see my page, as it has a little bit of everything on there. And if you want to try things out for yourself, you can join the community. It’s free, and if you need help getting started, there’s a great FAQ’s section.

What do you guys think about the new update we’re planning? Is there anything in particular you think needs a facelift? Let me know in the comments below, we’d love to get feedback on this.

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