Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and so today I decided to write about what that means to me. MLK Day marks the celebration of a man who dedicated his life to making others lives better. The battles he fought, and the non-violent manner in which he fought them changed America forever and gave people hope all around the world.
I never had a chance to hear/see Dr. King speak, and though he died many years before my birth I cannot deny that my life is significantly better because of what Dr. King did in his life.

He proved that Citizens (the people) have the power to create changes in society as long as they are willing to fight for their rights as Americans. He wasn’t just an advocate for Black Americans, he was an advocate for all people being treated unfairly.He was a teacher of kindness, caring and sharing. A true American Legend.

Believe in yourself, and Believe that you are Somebody”

Martin Luther king Jr. wanted everyone to know and hold in their hearts that all people have worth and that thinking you are better than someone brings hate into your heart. Compare yourself to yourself;and when you struggle ask for help and when someone else is struggling then give them help.

To round off this being my first post of the 2012 new year, I wanted to share with you a live recording from 1968 in London of the legendary Artist Nina Simone performing her tribute to Dr.King and his untimely death.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the way he lived his life  is the Definition of I hope that the life of MLK and his impact on American History not be forgotten and continue to be celebrated and taught till the end of time.

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Keep Chasing your Dreams!

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