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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]s you all know by now we love spotlighting others who we think are doing something special and represent that fearless mentality. With this next spotlight I knew absolutely nothing about these guys a month ago, that was until I got a message in our inbox asking about the Spotlights we do. They happened to stumble upon our first Spotlight we did on Loveless City, and were interested in getting their own, so they sent over some of their information and I have to say I was quite impressed.

Decati Apparel is a clothing and apparel company that got started in Tempe, AZ, back in 2009 by Casey Bourassa and Justin Santa Maria. Initially they catered mainly to the extreme sports audience but soon after hitting the ASU campus their unique brand quickly garnered the attention of a much larger audience and haven’t looked back since. They offer a collection of high-quality apparel that appeals to both men and women, and has a nice edgy style to it. They’ve seen a lot of growth since their inception and they’re already located in 2 stores in Tempe and are currently working on getting into more in Tucson and California. If you still don’t think they’re the real deal then know that they already sponsor a couple of action sports riders and a DJ: Buddi Bruner- Supercross, Brian McCarty- FMX, and DJ Convince. In the future you can expect to see even more dope clothing from them with an expanded product line that will include accessories, socks, tanks, shirts, and pants.

You can check out everything they have to offer at their website, Decati Apparel, and also be sure to like them on their official Facebook page and stay up to date on everything they have going on by following them on twitter @DECATIAPPAREL. If you happen to be in the Tempe area you can find their clothing over at Axis Sports at 671 E. Apache Blvd. and also at Beasteater on Mill and 5th Street. You can also check out a feature they recently got in the Tempe 12 Calendar (they’re the month of July) and be sure to look out for their clothing to start popping up in Tucson and parts of California in the near future. They’re definitely a clothing line of the future and remember that you heard it here first. So to the Decati family, everyone here at living.life.fearless would like to say we see what you’re doing, and keep doing it, and as always “Make It Official”. #LLF

Below I’ve included an awesome trailer they created for the launch of their summer lineup and some images of the clothing they have to offer.


As always if anyone is interested in being one of our next Spotlights, just send us a message on our Contact page describing a little bit about yourselves or your brand (it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in). Pictures and videos are highly encouraged.

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