What Are You So Afraid Of?

Seeing as this site is more about the community and overcoming your own fears along with us, I wanted to get some input from all of you about some of the fears that affect you all. We’ve already come to the assertion over these past few posts that my greatest fear is of being average. Discovering this really got me interested in others’ fears, so I began doing some research over the internet and the most reliable info I was able to find came from Gallup, an organization that studies human behavior and does a  lot of research and surveys. One of these particular surveys they took in 2001 on 1,000 participants had to deal with Americans’ fears.

As you can see from the poll it consists of a lot of the typical fears that someone would think of–snakes, public speaking, heights, small places, spiders & insects, needles & getting shots, and this makes sense. I, myself am afraid of half of those top six things listed. The closest I’ll come to a snake is in the classic “Anaconda” with Jennifer Lopez, I still get extremely uneasy whenever I need to get a shot, and just the other night I had a full grown centipede crawl from under my tv stand and under my couch; I proceeded to spend the next hour trying to kill the thing decked out in shorts and boots armed with a dustpan and a wad of paper towels, I’m sure it was a sight to see. But what stands out to me about their survey is that they only discuss the fears that everyone is well aware of. As we’ve stated on here before there are a lot of fears that people may not instantly think about, but if given deep thought they would be able to identify them because they have shaped many of their previous actions and decisions, and held them back from exploring new opportunities. This is what this whole site is about, so we’d love to hear about some of the fears you guys have, so why not take a quick second and do the poll we’ve included below. Don’t be afraid to add your own answers either.

While you’re thinking about it why not enjoy “Words I Never Said” by Lupe Fiasco. You can learn more about him here and follow him here. Remember, never be afraid to let your voices be heard, #LLF is a community and we’re only getting bigger.

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  1. Well my worst fear being that I see death more than most people is that when I do come across somebody on their last few moments in their life its usually really bad. But being able to assure that person that you are trying your best to help them through their situation; not knowing if what you said or did meant anything to that person when they pass is MY WORST FEAR!!! Not being able to do what im trained to do, cuz its easy to take a life or destroy one but to give somebody hope for living and not being able to give those words is A FEAR I KNOW most of the people in my line of work all SHARE!! REST IN PEACE TO ALL MY FALLEN FIREFIGHTERS AND FOLKS WHO GIVE THEIR LIVES FOR THE FREEDOMS THAT SOME PEOPLE GET TO ENJOY!!!

    1. I definitely don’t have any experience with any sort of situation like that. It’d be a hard fear to live with. I don’t know if there is any real way of coming to terms with it, but I think that by you just being there for them in those last moments and putting all you have into trying to save them, they would appreciate everything you tried to do for them, regardless of you knowing them or not. I know that this fear would never stop any of you guys from doing what you’re hardwired to do though and that’s the whole point of living.life.fearless, fear is a tough thing to face but being able to face it time and time again is what makes a person fearless. Respect to all the uniformed men & women out there, we all appreciate what you do for us everyday.


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