Pressure To Be The Best

Pressure to be the best.

Ever feel like there’s too much pressure or competition, or that you’re not good enough for something? Like you have to be the best? I’ve been feeling that way lately….Like theres too much stacked up against me.

Then I realized it was all just in my head.

In all areas and aspects of life, often times, we feel a pressure to perform and be the best at it. I often feel that pressure when it relates to my schoolwork, my artwork and just life in general. I’ve felt like I have to be the best or make the best thing in order to be appreciated. Here in lies the confusion; The need to be appreciated and the notion of what ‘best’ means.

If I approach everything with a need for appreciation and acknowledgement then I am doing myself a disservice. The pressure comes from things outside of my control i.e. others reactions or expectations of me. What is within my control is what is most important, but seems to fall secondary to the pressure and confusion.

Focus on what you are in control of. Be focused on what your idea/s is/are and the process for you to realize those ideas, and you wont even notice the pressure. You’ll be too focused on what you’re doing.

What’s ‘best’ is in the eye of the beholder. So what does being the best really mean? Does it mean being better than all others? It can, but what should be understood is that criteria of what is best are subjective. Ask different people who the best point guard is, best running back, best musician, best phone, or cook, or teacher (The list goes on and on), and what you will find is there is always a difference of opinion.

So what I’ve gathered is that what’s ‘best’ is merely an opinion; regardless of how educated the opinion may be it is still not an undisputed fact. What it comes down to is not being afraid to be yourself. What is best for you is what’s best.

This post is about how we make a decision to do our best. What others ‘think’ doesn’t affect what I ‘can’ do, but what I can do is my best.
“My Best”, not their best. At the end of the day all I can do is what I can. Being the best means doing something completely, and being yourself/itself completely and continuing to do so. So when you do something do it completely (both feet in the door), and always be genuine.

To do your best is to be your best

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