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To be honest I wasn’t even planning on writing a post today and my next post definitely wasn’t going to be the one I’m about to write. All it took was one comment to change all of that, and it’s been nagging at me all week. I think that’s what I’m starting to fall in love with about this blog, the community aspect. I love that things that people have said to me have changed the way I view things and have opened my eyes to viewpoints that I never would’ve known otherwise. This blog is as much yours as it is mine, I’m simply the outlet; take advantage of it.

In case you don’t know which comment in particular I’m talking about, it came in my previous post where I asked everybody what their greatest fears were. It got the votes I’d expect heights/small spaces, but one comment from someone very close to me, and in all honesty someone I didn’t expect a comment to come from, stuck with me the most. That commenter was my older brother, a firefighter in the Air Force, and if you haven’t read it then you should take a second and check it out because it really took me back; so much so that I had to let it sit there for a day before I could think of a good response.  To summarize what he said, his greatest fear was not knowing whether or not what he said or did during a person’s last moments of life meant anything to that person. His fear was about leaving a lasting impression on someone’s life, and not the superficial kind where they remember you because they thought you were hot, but the genuine heartfelt ones that truly make a difference in someones life. This would be a terrible fear to have to live with and could easily, and in many cases does, haunt people for their entire lives.

There’s a razor thin line between superficially touching a person’s life and really affecting that person with the things you do and say. I believe that the only way you could come to terms with this fear of not meaning anything to a person is to be true; to be true to what you’re saying, to be true to what you’re doing, and most of all to be true to yourself. (Most) People aren’t stupid, they can tell when you’re being genuine and when you’re being fake. Everybody has had some contact with a person who just seems to be going through the motions (see any recent Nicolas Cage movie), and probably couldn’t even remember what the person looks like, it’s a very unflattering trait that won’t leave any impression on a person other than a negative one. Now compare that experience with one where the person’s passion for what they’re talking about or doing clearly comes through, you could probably remember minute details about that person just because it left that much of a good impression on you. I can’t say that I have any experience of dealing with the tragedies my brother and others like him have seen, but I do know that if you put your heart and soul into what you’re doing and are being true to yourself, then it will shine through and the impression you leave on someone will be a lasting one.

This is exactly what we are about at this site. I hope that all of you can see that we are extremely passionate about what we do and talk about. We didn’t do this for us, we did it for everyone else out there who feels like us, that we as a people were meant for greater things than just the “norm”. We wanted to show everyone that if four brothers from nowhere can have the courage and strength to fight through adversity and get this close to accomplishing their dreams, then so can you.

living.life.fearless isn’t just a motto, it’s a lifestyle and we live by it everyday.

Shout out to all the uniformed men and women out there. This site appreciates everything you do for us day in and day out. You are the standard of living.life.fearless that we all strive to be. #LLF

This was a personal post for me and this song kept playing in my head while writing it. “Vent” by Big K.R.I.T, extremely deep and dope song, take a listen you won’t be disappointed. Learn more about him here and follow him here.

“I know you’ve been down so long
So I’ll be stronger for you
I know you’ve been down so long
Cause I’ve been down too
Yes I understand… what you’re going through
Yes I understand… cause I am going through it too”

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Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

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