How Action Hank and Black Dynamite Changed My Life Pt. 1 (Getting To The Source)

Alright let’s be clear, Action Hank and Black Dynamite didn’t change my life per se, but they did give me the insight I needed to write this post, sorry to disappoint. This all started on a lazy Saturday while I was trying to think of some things to write about for my next post; it began with an early morning marathon of Dexter’s Laboratory on Boomerang and ended with like my 100th viewing of Black Dynamite (probably my best use of a Saturday yet), and as I was laying there being a productive part of society I began to question how I could write a blog on approaching life with a fearless mentality and addressing people’s fears when I, the sites creator, haven’t even addressed my own greatest fear. So I started listing out all of my unaddressed fears; snakes, spiders, the baby from Toy Story 3, the thought of them extending the Harry Potter series, etc., etc. All fears yes, but nothing that screams THE greatest. It had to be something that has been with me forever, something that has shaped a lot of my life. I mean as much as I’d like to imagine myself rolling out of the womb guns blazing reincarnated as Action Hank or Black Dynamite (here and here for the uneducated), in reality I had the same fears as everyone else. I was scared of clowns after seeing “IT”, I locked my toy in the closet after seeing “Child’s Play” and if I ever saw a snake I would break out like Michael Johnson circa 1996 (and still will to this day), you know the typical stuff. This dilemma was really nagging at me and for the next two days I racked my brain trying to figure out what exactly my greatest fear was; puzzling over what it was that drove me to make the majority of decisions I’ve made in my life. And then finally as I was getting dressed after a workout it hit me…

My greatest fear wasn’t of any animal, it wasn’t of any person, real or imaginary, it wasn’t even of death; in fact it wasn’t of anything tangible at all. My greatest fear was of a single thought, the thought that I might be average.

When I was writing about Black Dynamite and Action Hank in this post it made me think of this great song I was listening to the other day by The Heavy called “Short Change Hero” and decided to post it below for your listening pleasure, and yes I listen to all kinds of music. I know surprising! You can learn more about the band here and follow them on twitter here.

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Damaged City Festival 2019 | Photos | LIVING LIFE FEARLESS

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